You can find the professional eanalyze solution for all branches in this section.

Professional version includes a plurality of sections. Clips analysis, individual analysis, live analysis and more.

You can find download links in the two types of licenses for all the branches below.

The membership of the system is very easy to have eanaliz. Price advantage too much. For more information, see "License" department of the "Membership System" read.


Download : eAnalyze Ice Hockey (usb key version)
Download : eAnalyze Ice Hockey (membership system)
Create New User : New User
Download : User Manuel


Download : eAnalyze Lacrosse (usb key version)
Download : eAnalyze Lacrosse (membership system)
Create New User : New User
Download : User Manuel



You can find the solution for the professional eAssistant 3 branches in this section.

You can design your training visually rich format drawings in a very short time.

You can make animated training. You can record a video of your animation.

You can associate the event with your training images. You can enhance your meeting quality.

You can prepare your tactical plan competitions.

Player cards can keep very detailed and you can follow the player development.



Only 9 dollars a month and you want to use the analysis and assistant.

Download, create your user name and password, use the free 7 days.

eAssistLive will soon be available in MAC users.

Step by Step Installation.


Download : eAssistLive
Download : eAssistLive User Manuel
Download : eAssistLive Brochure



eSpor 's you did it with a free video conversion and merge software you can easily make your videos dvd2mpg ready for analysis.

Dvd2mpg available for the following cases.

* To convert images from the competition in the form of a DVD to a single mpg file.

* If dozens of small parts from the camera to combine videos and to make a single video.

* MTS (HD) to convert your files into a single file.


Download : DVD2MPG
Download : Dvd2Mpg User Manuel